Product Care

Product Care

IP Plating (Ion plating) Stainless Steel


Ion plating or IP plating is one of the newest and most advanced surface finishing processes now available at Pastiche. It produces a harder and more durable coating with a higher brightness than that produced through traditional plating methods.


Experiments have proved that the plating obtained through IP plating is five to eight times better than that obtained through conventional methods in terms of wear and corrosion resistance.


Throughout the Jewellery industry IP plating is available in a range of colours, though, most commonly used in black, brown, rose gold and yellow gold. Pastiche also offers IP plated stainless steel in both matt and polished finishes.


All products should be cleaned using a soft polishing cloth.



All battery operated Dahnag Mechanical products should only be fitted with batteries from reputable jewellers, watch specialists or Dahnag retailers.



We recommend Schmidt replacement refills to be used with all Dahnag pens.
Schmidt replacement refills can be obtained from most reputable stationery suppliers.


*more than 95% of Dahnag products made by Stainless Steel.

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